JungleScam v2 – Crawl Just Launched, Poor Reviews, and Total Listings Per Seller


If you’ve read the first post about JungleScam, I’m glad to say that we’ve released v2 of the script.  There are still some kinks that need to be worked out, including adding some proxies to avoid blocks from Amazon, but Francesco and I think there’s more value to be had in this new version.  Here’s an overview of the new features and why they are useful.

Scrape Sellers with Poor Performance

v1 of JungleScam only scraped for “Just Launched” sellers.  While “Just Launched” is one of many red flags to look for when trying to find scams, many of these sellers will sell products with incredibly high demand, leading to poor reviews that are huge red flags.  Now JungleScam will scrape sellers who have a seller performance (rating) below a certain number that YOU can determine.  I’d use 70% as a general rule, but the lower you go the worse a seller you will find!

Scrape the Number of Product Listings a Seller Has

This is one of the features that still needs work, including adding a proxy to remove Amazon blocks, but one of the major indicators that a “Just Launched” or a seller with poor performance is a scammer is that they’ll have thousands of listings despite being new to the platform.  This feature will let you know how many listings a seller has before you even start investigating, chopping the amount of work you need to do instantly.

Small Details

If you’re wondering whether or not you’ve been blocked by Amazon, there will be a message displayed in your terminal that says “Amazon is blocking your requests, please change your IP”. This is an indicator you’re getting restrictions so if you can spoof your IP, you can still get results.  Expect this to be fixed, as well as other updates in v3!



3 thoughts on “JungleScam v2 – Crawl Just Launched, Poor Reviews, and Total Listings Per Seller

  1. Jake – Amazing work thus far! I was wondering if there are plans in the works to allow the input of a specific seller storefront? So if I already have a store of interest, I can input into JungleScam and fetch quick results regarding the number of products, number of reviews, the average review score, date launched, etc.


    1. Also, what you’re requesting as a feature should be left to the manual OSINT collection process. Once you have a seller, you can find the number of products, number of reviews, and averages, on the storefront page. JungleScam finds bad sellers, it doesn’t do the investigation for you though.


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