OSINT Tool Tuesday - Multi-Tool, Usernames, Snapchat
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OSINT Tool Tuesday - Multi-Tool, Usernames, Snapchat

OSINT Tool Tuesday - Multi-Tool, Usernames, Snapchat

Another week, another set of OSINT tools. This week we'll be looking at tools for OSINT investigations including an OSINT multi-tool, a username tool, and a Snapchat resource. The goal is to expand your mindset on what's possible using tools, increase your efficiency, and amplify your outcomes. Let's get started.


If you're looking for a one stop shop for OSINT tools, look no further. OSINT.sh is a great directory of tools and resources for unpacking data from your investigation. The applications and use cases lean more towards the cybersecurity industry; however, there's plenty of overlap to be found. The services in particular that I like are the reverse Google Adsense tool, the OCR text extractor, and the technology lookup. Here's a master list of all of the tools OSINT.sh offers:

Public Buckets
Subdomain Finder
DNS History
Reverse IP
Technology Lookup
Certificate Search
DNS Lookup
Email Finder
Reverse Google Analytics
Reverse Google Adsense
Whois History
Reverse Whois
Reverse Domain
OCR Text Extractor
Guess MD5 Hash
NMAP Scanner
SSL Checker
IP GEO Location Lookup
Reverse MX Record
Reverse Name Server
SSL Poodle Check

As you can see, there are plenty of creative routes for your OSINT investigation depending on the type of data you have to begin with. Make sure to bookmark this tool as it's updated regularly.

All in one Information Gathering Tools


If you're a fan of the open source tool Sherlock, there's great news. UserHunt is a GUI built on top of Sherlock and allows you to get the same results without running scripts in the command line. This is great for people operating mostly within a browser and with limited desktop space; additionally, it's great for the low-tech OSINT investigators as well.

This is by far the cleanest user interface I've seen on a username check website. Make sure to bookmark this if you're already using Sherlock.

Hunt Down Social Media Accounts by username across social networks.


Snapchat is a difficult social media platform to work with as an OSINT investigator. Most of the information is private and you need to be friends with a person to see their snaps, in most cases. Discovering a profile can often be difficult. Typically, you do a series of username checks and compare the Bitmoji to the profile picture of another profile you've verified to generate a possible lead. This method, however, doesn't allow for you to search by full name, only the username.

Ghost Codes is a database of Snapchat profiles with a search engine to make it easy to query them. This allows you to quickly find a list of profiles that match your subject's name. Ghostcodes will give you a preview of the Bitmoji so you can preverify before opening a profile to see if it matches your subject. It also includes the username of the person as well as how many hearts they have.

If Snapchat is regularly part of your investigative workflow, make sure to check GhostCodes frequently.


Remember OSINT != tools. Tools help you plan and collect data, but the end result of that tool is not OSINT. You have to analyze, receive feedback, refine, and produce a final, actionable product of value before you can call it intelligence.

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