Combining Google Dorks and Google Alerts to Create RSS Feeds for OSINT

I've written a few posts on this topic before, but I thought it might be useful to connect the concepts together.  Creating highly sophisticated RSS feeds is something I find very valuable for passive OSINT collection.  In this post, I'm going to write about how you can use advanced Google operators within Google Alerts and … Continue reading Combining Google Dorks and Google Alerts to Create RSS Feeds for OSINT

OSINT Applications for Google Dorks

There was a long fought battle for king of search.  Google won.  It's undisputed.  There's Yahoo, Bing, and an assortment of others, but Google won.  It's not even close.  When searching for terms using other search engines, my results are either garbage or outdated.  This post is about the coveted art of Google Dorking.  Sounds … Continue reading OSINT Applications for Google Dorks

Control the Code, Control the World

I've just finished reading the third chapter of Future Crimes by Marc Goodman titled Moore's Outlaws.  It essentially outlines the exponential growth of technology and the exponential risk that comes along with it.  It talks about how crime of scale is starting to become mainstream and accessible to anyone.  Here's a bit of insight based … Continue reading Control the Code, Control the World

Improved Cyber Security Can Reduce Physical Threats

I've now moved into the second chapter of Future Crimes by Marc Goodman which digs deeper into the escalating threat in the cyber realm.  Goodman speaks to the vulnerability of critical infrastructure, such as trains and airports, to cyber threats.  He unpacks a long list of examples where teenagers or seemingly amateur actors were able to … Continue reading Improved Cyber Security Can Reduce Physical Threats

Using ADS-B Exchange to Collect Unfiltered Open Source Flight Data

ADS-B Exchange is the world’s largest source of unfiltered flight data.  Normally, blocked tail numbers from private airplanes aren’t visible.  With ADS-B Exchange, you can access all the information from any tail number you want.  This is great for tracking politicians, business leaders, etc. to find connections between them or any associated event.  Additionally, ADS-B Exchange tracks international flight data as well, making this particularly useful for OSINT collection outside of the United States. 

Collecting OSINT from eCommerce Data on Amazon

There's a wide variety of information that you can gather using open sources.  Data ranging from email addresses to phone numbers to social media accounts are all common sources of open source intelligence.  Application of this data can vary, but is usually is involved in some sort of investigation, trying to correlate data and find a connection with meaning. Something that I've always been interested in is eCommerce and the data behind it.  Most users of eCommerce data are marketers or businesses, but what sort of application does it have for the security industry?  It certainly has value for competitive intelligence, but could you use eCommerce data from websites like Amazon for trend analysis with a security application?